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Sep 7, 2013

Facts about Kundalini ( Everyone Must Know )

The word ''Kundal'' means coiled up in Sanskrit. And the word kundalini refers to a sacred energy that is coiled up at the base of the spine in the bone Sacrum. Since ancient times, the Sacrum bone was known to be the nest of a sacred energy with supernatural powers. The Sacrum bone is also symbolized by the sign of aquarius and by the holy grail that contains the water of life. Therefore, the awakening of this powerful energy is important.

Facts about kundalini energy

Kundalini energy- Is the divine within, the Holy Spirit, our inner spiritual director.

- Exists within every human being in a released or unreleased state.
- Is revered as the means for spiritual growth in human beings.
- Requires our informed cooperation, skilled support and spiritual intent.
- Follows the natural laws of subtle body physics and is dependent  on our choices.
- Is a sacred power whose  process can be improved by spiritual methods.
- Requires having a trained mind and energy system to advance spiritual growth.
- Is safe, beneficial and transformative understood spiritually.
- Can be misused and abused by naive or non-spiritual people.
- May yeild some discomforts if not properly supported.
- Manifests in many different ways: subtle, extraordinary, blessed.
- May be released and active in a person without their realizing it is.
- Can be released by spiritual methods, life shock, or in a previous birth.
- Can correct blocked process and the resulting strain on the subtle system.
- Is the source of spiritual seeking, inspiration, awereness, discernment and love.
- Is the essential spiritual science held within all spiritual traditions.
- Is known by many different names in the world's spiritual paths.

The sacred energy has always been related to health, to female-male balance within one person, and to abundance. This is the truth, and it can be observed in different pieces of famous art icons. Each human body is is a tree of life nourished by the sacred energy of the kundalini known as the Serpent power. The knowledge of the Kundalini was considered sacred knowledge by sages and saints and this knowledge was reserved only for the initiates of secret lodges. In most cases, candidates had to go through several tests before being given the revelations of the secret of life.


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