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May 16, 2013

Facts about Sim Cards

A Sim Card has six pads that also corresponds to the six SIM connectors pins, but only five has totally connection on the entire layout. SIM DATA - This is a digital data that being stored on a SIM memory.

SIM Clock - This is a clock frequency signal that being synchronize to the digital data to create data signal in order transfer or sends and receive data information.
SIM Reset - This is also a frequency signal that triggers or reset all synchronization process.
VSIM B+ Supply voltage - This is a power supply voltage used to activate the SIM circuit.
SIM Ground - A ground line voltage.

PIN and PUK-PIN  - Personal Identification Number 2 PINs exist ( PIN 1 and PIN 2) Limited attempts on PIN access PUK-PIN Unblocking Code Resetting PUK,resets PIN and the attempt counter. Too many attempts on PUK blocks use permanently. Two ways of storing Data in SIM As GSM Files. The data used for Telco and GSM operation are all stored over the files. Telco/operator can change the data this file through RFM in a secure channel. Only upon successful verification of file access condition a file can be read.

All files are protected by access conditions, As application data within an STK application data. All the information stored is in persistent objects. Only mCheck Server can access these data through mCheck OTA platform.


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