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Sep 22, 2013

Michael Lotito, a French Entertainer is known as 'Monsier Mangetout' which means 'Mister Eat-it-All' .

Micheal Lotto was born in 1950 and is a French entertainer. He is known as 'Monsier Mangetout' which means 'Mister Eat-it-All'. He possesses a stomach and intestine with walls twice the thickness of a normal human and his digestive acid are extremely powerful. This allows him to digest the most inedible items you could imagine.
He has eaten bicycles,glass, rubber, television sets as well as holding the Guiness World Record for eating a plane (which took two years) by simply cutting the items up and consuming them with oil and water.
Unless you were stuck in a plane wreck, Mister Eat-it-All is probably the last super hero you'd call upon. Nonetheless, he is still pretty impressive to watch on Youtube.

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