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Sep 1, 2013

Let's discuss about Light Bulbs today!

Who invented Light Bulb?

Thomas Edison, right? Wrong!!

Thomas Edison did not invented he light bulb but he did make significent improvements and marketed it very well and the fact that he owned the electric company helped and as a reasult he is often thought to have invented it.

In 1801 Sir Humphry Davy passed an electric current through a strip of platinum and made it glow and in 1809 he invented an arc lamp using carbon rods but the light was way to bright.

In 1835 James Bowman Lindsay developed a constant electric light which he displayed in Dundee, Scotland claiming one could read a book from 11/2 feet.

In 1840 British scientist Warren de la Rue enclosed platinum in a vaccum tube creating a functional lasting light bulb but the high price of platinum made it impractical.

In 1841 Frederick de Moleyns of England was granted the world's first patent for an incandescent lamp, using powdered charcoal heated between two platinum wires contained within a vaccum bulb.

In 1854 German inventor Heinrich Gobel developed the first modern light bulb.

In 1878 Joseph Wilson Swan received a British patent for his light bulb, basically the same light bulb Thomas Edison received an American patent for 10 months later.

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