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Sep 16, 2013

Just stick this portable outlet to your window to start using solar power.

We have seen a lot of solar chargers in our day.And among all of them, this is the first one we've seen that we will definately run and buy as soon as it's made available in the U.S. It's a portable socket that gets it's power from the sun rather than the grid.You plug into a window instead of into the wall. It's easy

That was the whole point, according to the designers, Kyohu Song and Boa Oh.''We tried to design a portable socket, so that users can use it intuitively without special training.''they write.

It is really simple.The portable socket attaches to a window like a leech to human skin. On its undersidw, it has solar panels.The solar suck energy from the sun.The charger converts that energy into electricity.You plug into the charger.

Even better the charger stores the energy. After 5 to 8 hours of charging, the socket provides 10 hours of use.You can pop it off the window, stick it in your bag, and use it to charge up your phone with solar energy even if you're sitting in a dark room.

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