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Sep 4, 2013

How to Apply Reflexology to the Hands

1) Use hand reflexology on yourself to relieve symptoms such as headaches, constipation and shoulder aches. Hand reflexology requires that you apply a bit more pressure than you would on your feet because the reflex points on your hands are much deeper.

2) Sit in a comfortable chair in a quiet, darkened room.

3) Get yourself into a relaxed state by applying some of your favorite hand lotion on your hands. Oils and lotions are not normally used in professional reflexology sessions, but there is no harm in using it for an informal session.

4) Massage the lotion into your hands for several minutes or until all of it is absorbed. This will relax your hands and increase their flexibility in preparation for applying reflexology. Be sure you don’t use greasy lotion or any type of oil so that your hands and fingers don’t get slippery.

5) Close your eyes and focus on any area of your body where you feel discomfort or pain. Sometimes you may simply feel as if some part of your body feels out of alignment.

6) Consult a hand reflexology chart to identify the reflex points on your hands that corresponds to the part of the body you want to work on. For example, if you have a pain in your left shoulder, you would look at the chart and see that the reflex points for your left shoulder are located on the little finger of your left hand.

7) Press on the reflex point firmly. You can gradually increase the pressure to make sure you are "triggering" the reflex, but ease up on the pressure if you feel any pain.

8) Maintain the pressure for 30 seconds and release at the selected spot.

9) Wait a few seconds and repeat. You can either press for another 30 seconds or you can press and release the reflex point in a pulsing fashion for 30 seconds.

10) Use one finger or your thumb to apply gentle pressure if the pressing technique is uncomfortable for you. To do this, use a circular motion over the same reflex spot for about 5 seconds, then rotate in a circular way in the opposite direction for 5 seconds. Repeat several times for each reflex point.

11) Apply reflexology to all the areas on both of your hands, but give more attention to problem areas.

12) Sit quietly for at least 10 minutes when you have finished your reflexology session. If at all possible, lie down and rest for a half hour as well.

13) Drink several glasses of water within a few hours of applying reflexology. The water will help flush the toxins that were released from your organs and muscles during the session.

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